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The Community Compassion program mission is to show care
and compassion for Branch members, uplift the community,
and support member retention

Consideration would go to:

    ·     Members in good standing who are actively participating in the work of
         the Branch 

    ·    Members who have served in the past but are no longer able to do so


      The program aims to honor life events such as births, weddings, graduation,
      surgery, illness, death, or bereavement of family members.

      Types of support include cards, phone calls, meal trains, flowers, visits, etc.


      Please contact compassionlinnbentonnaacp@gmail.com to keep us informed.

      Contact us: info@naacpcorvallisbranch.com541-829-3023 | PO Box 870, Corvallis 97339 | Sign up for our newsletter  |  Join

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